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AutoCAD is a powerful and widely used computer-aided design (CAD) software in the field of mechanical engineering. 

It enables engineers to create detailed and accurate 2D and 3D designs, helping streamline the design process and improve productivity. 

However, the cost of purchasing AutoCAD can be a significant barrier for students, freelancers, and small businesses. 

In this blog, we will explore legitimate methods to obtain AutoCAD for free without resorting to piracy, ensuring your access to this invaluable tool for mechanical engineering projects.


1. Educational Licenses

Autodesk, the company behind AutoCAD, offers educational licenses for students, educators, and educational institutions. 

By providing a valid educational email address, you can access a free version of AutoCAD for educational purposes. 

This license is perfect for students studying mechanical engineering or related fields, as it allows them to learn and practice using industry-standard software without incurring any costs.


2. Free Trials

Autodesk also offers free trials of AutoCAD, which allow users to explore the software's full functionality for a limited period, typically 30 days. 

Although this option may not provide a permanent free solution, it can be useful for short-term projects or if you need to use AutoCAD for a specific task. 

Simply sign up for the trial on the Autodesk website and start exploring AutoCAD's capabilities.


3. Autodesk Student Community

Autodesk's Student Community is an excellent resource for aspiring mechanical engineers. 

By registering as a student, you gain access to a wealth of educational materials, tutorials, and software downloads, including free versions of AutoCAD. 

Engage with the community, participate in forums, and learn from others in the field.


4. Autodesk for Startups

If you are an entrepreneur or a part of a startup involved in mechanical engineering projects, you may qualify for Autodesk's startup program. 

Eligible startups can get free access to Autodesk software, including AutoCAD, for a limited period. 

This initiative aims to support new businesses and encourage innovation in various industries, including mechanical engineering.


5. AutoCAD 360 Web App

AutoCAD 360 is a browser-based version of AutoCAD that provides a limited set of tools for viewing, editing, and sharing drawings. 

While it lacks some advanced features of the desktop version, it can still be beneficial for basic editing tasks. 

Accessing AutoCAD through the web app can be a cost-effective option for quick edits and collaboration on mechanical engineering projects.


6. AutoCAD Mobile App

For mechanical engineers who work on the go, the AutoCAD mobile app is a useful tool. 

Available for both Android and iOS devices, the app allows you to view, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings on your smartphone or tablet. 

While it may not replace the full desktop version, it offers mobility and convenience, making it a valuable addition to your CAD toolkit.


7. Free Alternatives

While AutoCAD is undoubtedly an industry standard, there are free alternatives available that can meet the needs of mechanical engineers. 

Software such as FreeCAD, LibreCAD, and DraftSight offer comparable features for 2D and 3D design. Though they may not be as feature-rich as AutoCAD, they can be suitable for less complex projects or those on a tight budget.


8. Open Source CAD Software

Some open-source CAD software, such as Blender and OpenSCAD, provide advanced features for 3D modeling and design. 

Although they might have a steeper learning curve, they are free to use and can be highly valuable for mechanical engineers looking to explore more intricate designs.



Aspiring mechanical engineers and professionals can access AutoCAD for free through legitimate means without resorting to piracy. 

Educational licenses, free trials, the Autodesk Student Community, and the Autodesk for Startups program all offer opportunities to use AutoCAD without cost.

Additionally, the AutoCAD 360 web app and mobile app provide budget-friendly options for basic tasks and on-the-go work. 

Should you prefer alternatives, free CAD software and open-source options are available, enabling you to create intricate designs without breaking the bank.

Embrace these legitimate solutions to enhance your mechanical engineering capabilities and propel your projects to new heights without the worry of plagiarism or legal repercussions, allowing you to make the most of this indispensable CAD software.

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